Here you can get peace of mind knowing that your home and business plumbing is in safe hands.

KBR Plumbing Services Los Angeles is a team of professional plumbers who understand the dynamics of plumbing too well. Certifications of our plumbers are a proof of their qualification. We may encourage young plumbers to learn with us but only in the guidance of an experienced plumber. Your place is not a playground for amateurs. Only skillful plumbers handle your plumbing.

Residential Plumbing

Plumbing services for your homes are available with us. We do all kinds of repairs and upgrades. Installing new types of machinery like a laundry unit, dishwasher or an ice maker is our expert area.

Commercial Plumbing

We provide durable and time-tested plumbing solutions for our commercial clients. A commercial building needs tougher plumbing equipment and top-level expertise in services.

Emergency Services

In case of emergency, call us. Our customer care representative will answer your call. We assure you to expect a quick and fast service in response to your distress call.

Quick Service

A delayed and slow service only annoys a client and shows a lack of professionalism. Our plumbers value your time and drop at your place as fast they can. Quick service means a happy client.


We want to introduce new and advanced methods as well as tools in plumbing. Our aim to revolutionize the field of plumbing.


KBR Plumbing Services Los Angeles mission is to extend  services to other cities.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is essential for any business to succeed. A happy client means a happy business. KBR Plumbing Services Los Angeles takes good care of their clients with superior service quality.


We are plumbers. Not just any plumbers, our workers are all certified and experts in their fields. The quality of our services is exceptional, and this is what our clients validate. To know more about us click the link below.


Premium Service Quality

Our work speaks for itself. We deliver quick services to our clients. Being quick in response does not mean that the service quality is not up to the mark. You can count on our services for quick relief from your plumbing troubles.

We like to brand ourselves as Doers.

Committing to our profession means that we serve our clients no matter what happens. We respond every time you call us for an emergency plumbing service. Be it a holiday or weekend; you will always see us working.

Always On Time

Punctuality is a virtue to us, and we follow the schedule strictly. We appreciate the worth of time, yours and ours. It is well known that time wasters get wasted themselves.
When you make a call for our assistance, expect us to be at your door on time.

Immediate Response in Case of Emergency

We are not talkers.

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